14th Hussars, Bangalore 1907

Posted on: 25, May, 2018

There are a lot of 14th Hussars officers’ and sergeants’ portraits squeezed onto this postcard; 70 to be precise. I bought this on eBay earlier this month and rarely has a single postcard provided me with so much research potential. The 14th Hussars in India The 14th Hussars had left the UK on the 5th […]


1/6th Duke of Wellington’s (West Riding Regiment)

Posted on: 28, April, 2018

This superb photograph of officers of the 1/6th Duke of Wellington’s (West Riding Regiment), was published in Craven’s Part in the Great War in 1920. The book is a marvellous tribute and research tool for anyone with an interest in Craven during the First World War. I have already attached this photograph to all the […]


V Battery, Royal Horse Artillery

Posted on: 25, March, 2018

Some while ago, whilst looking through a soldier’s papers in series WO 363, I came across two pages which detailed an accident which befell men of V Battery, Royal Horse Artillery at Serny, France on the 2nd March 1915. A Board, held at Croix Barbee on the 15th March, heard evidence from three witnesses, 2nd […]


The Sphere – 23rd March 1918

Posted on: 20, March, 2018

The four men pictured above all lost their lives in 1918. Their portraits were published in The Sphere on the 23rd March 1918, two days after the Germans launched their offensive against British lines. Today, on the eve of the 100th anniversary of that offensive, it seems fitting to remember them. Two brothers remembered Lieutenant […]


Officer casualties

Posted on: 2, March, 2018

  As a general rule you stand more chance of finding a photo of your British Army Ancestor if he was an officer – and even more chance if he was an officer who died in the service of his monarch and country. Last week I published portraits of a number of officer casualties whose […]


The Westley brothers, 62 Coy, Imperial Yeomanry

Posted on: 11, February, 2018

The photograph above was published in The Navy & Army Illustrated published on 5th May 1900. The caption reads, “THE BROTHERS WESTLEY. A family which has a corporal and five troopers at the Front.” A quick search of records on British Army Ancestors  folowed up with click-throughs to Findmypast to view their records quickly reveals […]


2582 Drum-Major John Adair, Scots Guards

Posted on: 14, January, 2018

The photograph above appeared in the Navy & Army Illustrated published on the 1st July 1899. The accompanying text reads, “Drum-Major John Adair has put in nearly thirty years’ service and, as will be seen by the medals that decorate his breast, has war service to his credit. He wears the medal and star for […]


2725 Sgt Joseph Gill, Loyal North Lancashire Regt

Posted on: 6, January, 2018

  2725 Cpl Joseph Gill was 32 years old when this photo was taken at Stendal PoW camp on the 2nd March 1917. He’d been a prisoner since he was captured at Ypres on the 8th November 1914 and he had already spent time in at least one other camp. Joseph Gill – wounded in […]


Sherwood Foresters cricketers 1908

Posted on: 1, January, 2018

This photograph of men of C Company, 1st Battalion, Sherwood Foresters, appeared in the Sherwood Foresters regimental annual for 1909. The regiment had taken the decision to publish a regimental annual in 1908 and, as noted in the foreword by Lt-General Smith-Dorrien, colonel of the regiment, this new publication followed on from the earlier “I’m […]


8451 Rfm Thomas Chetwynd, King’s Royal Rifles Corps

Posted on: 17, December, 2017

.   This superb photograph of 8451 Rfm Thomas Chetwynd probably dates to 1908 or 1909. Surviving papers in series WO 96 at The National Archives show that Thomas joined the militia on the 12th October 1907.  He gave his age as 17 years and 11 months and his trade as coal miner. Thomas completed 46 […]

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