The Gallery page features recently added photographs of British Army soldiers. There are currently over 12,000 British Army photographs on this site, with hundreds more being added each week. When adding content please upload PHOTOGRAPHS ONLY. Please DO NOT add medal index card or service record images.  Also see the British Army Ancestors Facebook page. Search, upload, REMEMBER.

George Holdcroft
Harry Brassington
Herbert Key
Gordon Priestley
J S Fawcus
Viscount R G Howick
Herbert Conyers Surtees CB, MVO, DSO
Hubert St George Thomas
Julius Francis Chenevix-Trench
Albert Edward Read
Claude Burrard Lowes Dashwood
Henry Christopher Kirsopp
Raymond Vivian Leslie Dallas
Oswald Eric Wreford-Brown
Percy Douglas Robinson
Standish Robert Vereker
Henry Basil Knott
William Ford Robertson
George Ernest Mashall Gray
Arthur James Burras Tanfield
George Pomeroy Sterling
Arthur Ernest Illingworth
Robert Edward Mackenzie Heanley
John Stanley Allen
G D Penty
G S Terry
Robert Lowerye Maddison
K S Hall
Charles Donaldson Cowie
Arthur Dixon Haslam
Richard Burton Garrard
Jerome Joseph Fane de Salis
James Henry Brough
George Rodolph Fane de Salis
Austin H Woodbridge
Henry Percy Richmond Anson
Arthur Cecil Ruston
Henry Cadwaladr Jones
William Maurice Lafone Ainslie
S S G Leeson
Launched in 2017, British Army Ancestors is a FREE site with a simple aim: to populate the data with photographs of British soldiers.

On this British Army Ancestors website you will find close to 12m records which have been collated from many sources. Search the database, find your soldier, add a photo. Search again, find the next person, add another photo. That really is all there is to it. The date range covered is 1850 to 1920.

SEARCH for a soldier, UPLOAD a photograph, REMEMBER the individual. There are millions of searchable names on British Army Ancestors and thousands of photographs covering conflicts from the Crimean War to the First World War. HUNDREDS of new photographs are being added every week. Have you found your British Army Ancestor yet?

There are close to 12 million names on the British Army Ancestors website and searching is easy and fast. Use the wildcard asterisk * to focus your search results. Searching is free but you will need to REGISTER in order to upload photographs or download existing images.

This website is regularly updated and new features announced on the British Army Ancestors blog. Remember too to check out the British Army Ancestors Facebook page which features a different person every day.

Do you own medal roll transcriptions from WO 100 or similar? I am seeking to plug known gaps in this database of British Army Ancestors by adding information from medal rolls and other databases.

Remember, there is no one single data source for British Army soldiers between 1850 and 1920. All of the data on this site has been compiled from many separate sources such as service records, pension records, medal rolls and other databases compiled by contributors.

Send an email to me at if you would like to contribute data.

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In 2008 I launched my Army Service Numbers 1881-1918 blog and over the years I have helped hundreds (if not thousands) of military and family historians. I also carry out research. Drop me a line if you need help.

NOTE There is also a RESEARCH button against every returned result on this site. Click on this button to find out more about research services for individual soldiers.