On this Gallery page you will find a selection of recently added photographs of British Army soldiers. A huge ‘THANK YOU’ to everyone who has supported this project to date; it is terrific to see these photographs of our British Army Ancestors coming through. Please though, PHOTOGRAPHS ONLY. Please DO NOT upload medal index card or service record images as these are the copyright of third parties. Search, upload, REMEMBER.

Philip K Williams
Barrington B D Campbell
Henry Evelyn Wood
Alexander Telfer
Henry Goodall
John Aram
R G Read
William Wilkes
Sam James Goodhall
J Maskell
H Long
Prince Adolphus Charles Alexander Albert Edward George Philip Louis Ladislaus| D Teck
Thomas Baker
Arthur Stanley Pilcher
P Selfe
Albert Noakes
A Collins
J Squire
J Cooke
George Hilton
Herbert Allison
John W Scothern
Larrat W Sarcan
Leonard Smalley
Gladstone Stoker
Peter Makin
Harold J Walby
John A Murray
Arthur Hudson
Horace R Webster
Samuel Athron
Omar Bleakley
John Stronach
Geoffrey Arthur Campbell
Thomas A F Irwin
Edward J Lanham
Frank H Blockley
John Davies
Maurice Coleman
Clifford W Wyncoll
Welcome to British Army Ancestors. This is a FREE site. It will always be a FREE site. The vision is one of our vast army of British Army Ancestors brought to life. Search for a soldier. Upload a photograph. Search for another soldier. Upload another photograph. In time, it is intended that this site will become THE place to come to when looking for images of British Army Ancestors.

SEARCH for a soldier. UPLOAD a photograph. REMEMBER the person. So many people asked me how they could find a photograph of their British Army Ancestor that I decided to create this site. Now it's up to you.Help make British Army Ancestors THE PLACE to come to when looking for photos of British Army soldiers. There are millions of searchable names on this site. Help me put faces to them. SEARCH, UPLOAD, REMEMBER.

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Do you own medal roll transcriptions from WO 100 or similar? I am seeking to plug known gaps in this database of British Army Ancestors by adding medal roll transcriptions and other databases to this site, thus adding to the 11m+ searchable names you will find here. Please drop me a line if you would like to contribute: