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This Gallery page features recently added photographs of British Army soldiers. There are currently OVER 100,000 British Army photographs on this site, with hundreds more being added each week. When adding content please upload PHOTOGRAPHS ONLY. Please do not add medal index card or service record images.  Also see the British Army Ancestors Facebook page where I remember a different soldier every day. Search for your British Army soldiers from the British Army Ancestors home page.

Hugh Adrian Innys Blyth Stokes
A Curtis
Walter Woodward
Robert Henry Cyril Stokes
Charles Hosford
Charles William Chatten
William Orson Ebsworth
Eardley Mostyn Childers
William Chevers Hunter
John Slattery
Jack G Youill
Frederick W Yoxall
Joseph W Young
Charles E Wren
Thomas H Wilson
Edward A Wilson
Henry White
James Wheeler
Thomas R Westley
Henry C Walters
John Wakefield
Harry O Tod
William Arthur Temple
Harry R Stow
Fred Stanley
William G Spiers
Alfred Snelling
George Skilton
Hedley Shepherd
William H Severne
Robert Rimmer
Alfred G Reeve
William L Raison
James W Porter
Herbert C Pickwick
George Phillips
Frederick P Phelps
George W Phaup
Edwin Pearson
James S Paterson

The British Army Ancestors Gallery is a showcase for recently added photos of soldiers. Clicking on a soldier image in the gallery will take you to the page where you will be able to view more information about this person. Some individuals have multiple photographs. You will also find further information about some of these British Army photographs in the British Army Ancestors blog.

Adding a photograph is easy but first you will need to register. This requirement is primarily to prevent spamming and abuse of this free service. Don't forget, too, that I publish a different photograph every day on the British Army Ancestors Facebook page.

On the British Army Ancestors website you will find photographs spanning two centuries. This soldier from the 35th Regiment of Foot served in the British Army before 1881.

Private soldier, pre 1881.

The soldier below, with his characteristic 'jam-pot' cuffs, served in the British Army between 1881 and 1902. He wears the red seven-button tunic and a single good conduct chevron on his lower left sleeve which indicates that he has served in the army for at least two years.

Private soldier, 35th Regiment of Foot, circa 1890s.

The man in the photo below is 1135 Pte Philip Harold Ziegler who was serving with the 19th (Public Schools) Battalion, Royal Fusiliers when this photo was taken in 1915. He would later be commissioned in the Buffs (East Kent Regiment) and would die of wounds on the 23rd September 1916. There are more photos of First World War soldiers on this site than from any other period. Image courtesy of the wonderful David Knights-Whittome photographic archive.

Philip Ziegler, Royal Fusiliers

There are currently 101628 photos of British Army soldiers published on this website