The Gallery page features recently added photographs of British Army soldiers. There are currently over 11,000 British Army photographs on this site, with hundreds more being added each week. When adding content please upload PHOTOGRAPHS ONLY. Please DO NOT add medal index card or service record images.  Also see the British Army Ancestors Facebook page. Search, upload, REMEMBER.

Ernest E Welham
James Harmer
Reginald Robert Kiddy
Charles Frearson Younger
Marwood Edwards Yeatman
Harry Farr Yeatman
Raymond Gilbert Hooker Yeatherd
Montague Locke Yeatherd
Hugh Graystone Penfold Wyatt
Geoffrey Wilfrid Penfold Wyatt
Frank Lowndes Wright
Egerton Lowndes Wright
John Fortescue Worsley
Evelyn Godfrey Worsley
Osmond Bartle Wordsworth
Disney Charles Woodhouse
Charles Harald Wood
Thomas Ralph Okeden Winwood
Malcolm Roy Wingate
David Oliver Wilson
Kenneth Arthur Wilson-Barkworth
Richard Thomas Cyril Willis-Fleming
Christopher Manners Williams
William Robert Sargent Wilberforce
Allan James Wiggett
Cyril Narramore Were
Neville William Wells-Cole
Eric George Wellesley
Thomas Henry Basil Webb
Thomas Weatherby
Arthur John Byng Wavell
Roger Wentworth Watson
Aubrey Wentworth Harrison Watson
George Thorold Waters
John Wilson Ware
Francis Henry Ware
William Earle Villiers
Richard Henry Vaughan-Thompson
Edward Humphrey Tyacke
Percyval Bradbury Tudor
Welcome to British Army Ancestors. This is a FREE site with a simple aim: to bring our British Army Ancestors to life by adding photographs of them. Search the database. Add a photograph. Search again; add another photograph. Launched in 2017 British Army Ancestors is THE place to come to when looking for images of British Army soldiers.

SEARCH for a soldier. UPLOAD a photograph. REMEMBER the person. There are millions of searchable names on British Army Ancestors and thousands of British Army photographs covering conflicts from the Crimea, through the Boer War, to the First World War. Hundreds of new soldier photos are being added every week. Have you found your British Army Ancestor yet?
There are over 11 million searchable names on the British Army Ancestors website. Searching is easy and fast. Use the wildcard asterisk * to narrow your results. REGISTER in order to upload photographs and download existing images. That's all there is to it. This website will be regularly updated and new features announced via the blog. Thanks for supporting this initiative to put faces to the names of our British Army Ancestors.


Do you own medal roll transcriptions from WO 100 or similar? I am seeking to plug known gaps in this database of British Army Ancestors by adding medal roll transcriptions and other databases to this site, thus augmenting the 11.6m searchable names you will find here. Contact me if you would like to contribute:

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